Our Service Guarantee

Regardless of what service option you chose with our company, you can expect service and quality at a level that truly sets us apart from our competitors.

At ArkTon Steel we offer:

consulting services

Consulting Services

ArkTon Steel is here to help take your ideas from concept to reality. At ArkTon Steel, we understand that the first steps in purchasing a new building can sometimes be a complicated undertaking. We always attempt to make the entire process as easy as possible by offering first class support throughout your entire project. We have knowledgeable staff that will be only too happy to help you through every part of your project from idea stage to completion. As our slogan says, – “Welding Quality into your Product” will be sure to give you peace of mind.

Engineering & Drafting

ArkTon Steel offers comprehensive structural and foundation engineering and drafting services. We can bring your concepts to life or design your next project ourselves. From these preliminary plans and specifications we can apply them to our engineered packages to include fabrication, erection and foundation drawings.

In-House & On-Site Welding

ArkTon Steel offers our customers the best of both worlds. Bring your projects to us to be built in house or we will come to you. Whatever your needs are we are the right fit for your budget and timelines.